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OCS Rules

Rules of the Old Churstonians’ Society

1. Name

The name of the Association shall be 'The Old Churstonians’ Society'

2. Aims and Objectives

1.To promote good fellowship and contact amongst former pupils worldwide;

2.To maintain members’interest in the school;

3.To seek help and advice from members in furthering the ambitions of the school;

4.To promote fundraising for the school and the Society and work with the school on major initiatives;

5.To make such donations in support of other projects as approved by the Committee;

6.To maintain an active and varied social calendar;

7.To ensure all members promote the school and its benefits wherever and whenever possible.

3. Membership

(a) Full Members: All former pupils and staff of Churston Ferrers Grammar School are eligible for membership.

(b)Rights and privileges of members shall include:

i. attendance at Reunions and Society functions;

ii. free membership for first year after leaving school or while continuing in further education;

iii. access to dedicated website and membership database;

iv. wearing of emblems of the Society;

v. representing the Society in sporting events;

vi. receiving the Society's newsletter;

vii. the right to vote at any General Meeting.

(c)Honorary Members: The Annual General Meeting may create Honorary Members. During their period of membership Honorary Members shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of Full Members excluding the right to vote. Honorary Membership shall continue unless and until suspended or terminated by decision of the Annual General Meeting.

(d)Associate Members: Members of the teaching staff are eligible to become Associate Members. The Society, through the Annual General Meeting or the Executive Committee, may invite other interested people who have not received their education at Churston Ferrers Grammar School to be Associate Members. During their period of membership Associate Members will be entitled to the rights and privileges of Full Members excluding the right to vote.

(e)Fellows: The Annual General Meeting may confer the title of Fellow of the Society in recognition of exceptional contribution to the Society. Fellowship carries life time honorary membership.

4. Officers and Committees

(a) The Executive Committee shall be as follows:

i. Chairman: appointed by the Annual General Meeting for a term of three years;eligible for re election for one further term only;

ii. Vice Chairman: appointment as for the Chairman normally elected with a view to probable (but not certain) succession as Chairman;

iii.General Secretary/Staff Liaison Member: to be appointed by the Annual General Meeting, retiring annually and being eligible for re-election;

iv.Treasurer: to be appointed by the Annual General Meeting, retiring annually and being eligible for re-election;

v. Up to 4 additional members with no specific responsibilities, to be appointed annually by the Annual General Meeting, retiring annually and being eligible for re-election;

(b) All Officers shall be honorary.

(c) The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint Officers at their discretion during the year should any office fall vacant.

5. Meetings

  1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held at a place and date determined by the Executive Committee, such that not more than fifteen months may elapse between successive such meetings.

  2. A Special General Meeting shall be called if requested in writing by ten Full Members, or one tenth of the membership, whichever is the greater, informing the Honorary Secretary of their requirement to hold such a meeting, stating the reasons for calling the meeting and the business to be transacted at it. A Special General Meeting must be held within twenty eight days of being formally called.

  1. In furtherance of its general business The Executive Committee may call a General Meeting at any time.

4. Notice of meetings shall be given not less than four weeks prior to the meeting, specifying the agenda items. The quorum for all meetings shall be 5 members. If a quorum is not present, the meeting shall be adjourned to a date decided by the Executive, when the quorum shall be 3 members.

6. Administration

  1. The administration of the Society shall be by the Executive Committee which shall have the authority to act in all matters except where otherwise provided in these Rules.The quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be 5 members of that Committee.

(b) The Executive Committee may, from time to time, establish such Committees, Sub

Committees or Working Groups as it deems necessary and may appoint suitable persons to serve on such bodies.

(c) The bodies mentioned in (a) and (b) above may co-opt any person to participate and give help and advice.

(d) All Committee and Sub Committee decisions shall be carried by a simple majority. The Chairman shall, at all Committee and Sub Committee meetings, have a casting vote.

(e) In the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman the Committee may appoint one of its Members to be Chairman of that meeting.

(f) The Chairman of the Executive Committee will be Chairman at General Meetings; in his/her absence, the meeting will elect a Chairman.

(g) All decisions at a General Meeting, barring amendments to Rules (see 9 below), shall be carried by a simple majority of those voting. The Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

(h) The Executive Committee shall have the authority to agree to the appointment of administrative assistance and to approve any remuneration therefore, subject to ratification at the next Annual General Meeting.

7. Finance

  1. The financial year for the Society will run from 1st September to 31 August.

  1. An annual membership fee will be charged at a level determined by the Executive Committee.

3. From time to time special funds may be set up and maintained as recommended by the Executive Committee and in accordance with the wishes of the Society at a General Meeting.

4. The Treasurer shall prepare annual accounts on an accruals basis, made up to 31 August,approved by an Independent Examiner, for presentation to the Annual General Meeting. The accounts shall include an income and expenditure account and balance sheet for the General Fund and also separately for any special fund. The notice for the Annual General Meeting shall include summaries of the accounts for the past year, a forecast for the current year and the provisional budget for the next year.

  1. Annual accounts and all special funds shall also be made up to 31 August and presented to the Annual General Meeting.

6. An Independent Examiner for theGeneral Fund shall be appointed at each Annual General Meeting for the accounts of the year to the following 31 August and may be reappointed. The Examiner need not be a member or former pupil of Churston Ferrers Grammar School. If required, the Examiner may be remunerated, on a basis agreed respectively by the Executive Committee.

8. Magazine[Newsletter]

The Society’s newsletter "The Churstonian" shall be published annually and sent to all members.

9. Amendments to Rules and Constitution

The Rules may only be amended by a two thirds majority of those voting at a General Meeting.

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